Immediate Life Support


Immediate Life Support • ILS Training

The Immediate Life Support (ILS) course provides the necessary knowledge and skills when dealing with cardiac arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies. These workshops are designed for healthcare professionals who must be equipped to deal with life-threatening emergencies.

Our ILS workshops are interactive, engaging, and hands-on. We believe that learning is best achieved through practice, so our workshops involve real-life scenarios where participants can apply their newly acquired skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Upon completion of a First-Aid Qualification, employers can be assured that they have highly-trained personnel capable of responding swiftly and effectively to any First-Aid needs. This fulfils legal obligations and contributes to a safer, more caring work environment for all. In essence, the First Aid Certification is more than just a qualification; it’s an investment in the health and safety of your workforce.

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ILS - Level 3 (VTQ)

Immediate Life Support  


One Day Course

Cost:  £95+ vat

Maximum 6 people

This course includes the latest CPR and Coronavirus recommendations. 

This ILS training course is designed to meet the requirements of ILS training laid down by UK Resus Council guidelines and is certified by ProTrainings.

The aim is to train healthcare personnel in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, simple airway management and safe defibrillation, enabling them to manage patients in cardiac arrest until the arrival of a cardiac arrest team and to participate as team members. The course is run over one day and consists of lectures and practical sessions.


Learning content in this ILS and AED Training Course goes above and beyond BLS training with this immediate Life Support (ILS) Course, learning much more about the Human Body. 

  • The aim of this ILS and AED course is to:
  • Understand basic life support requirements.
  • Be able to demonstrate post-resuscitation procedures.
  • Be able to carry out basic user maintenance and troubleshooting AED.
  • Understand the safe use of an AED.
  • Understand medical emergencies.
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BLS - Level 2

Basic Life Support Qualification


Four Hours

Cost:  £40 + vat per person

A maximum of 12 students can be accommodated on this course, and all candidates must be a minimum of 14 years of age to qualify.


This regulated Level 2 Basic Life Support qualification will give learners the skills, knowledge and practical competence to administer First Aid until Professional Medical help arrives. It is particularly suitable for healthcare professionals for the purpose of Continual Professional Development (CPD.


A range of subjects are covered including:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Primary Survey
  • Choking Assessment and Marking
  • Safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Recovery Position


This qualification is valid for three years from the date of achievement.  The learner will need to complete the full course again to qualify for a further three years. It is recommended that the learner attends annual refresher training.



The iPAD SPI Semi Automatic Defribrillator.

A complete AED solution gives users of all abilities, novices and professionals the confidence to act and potentially save a life in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Defibsafe 2 External Lockable Cabinet.

The double-skin construction gives good thermal insulation, while the thermostatically controlled heater prevents the inside from freezing and an air circulation fan prevents condensation.  There is also a safety cut-out mechanism to protect the unit.  The cabinet is IPP6-rated for protection from dust and water ingress.